My Opponent

As I was out collecting signatures, people would ask me who I was running against.   I always said that I am running FOR a set of issues, rather than running against a particular person.

I’m running to change set of policies that I think harm the neighborhood.  That’s really my opponent.

  • My opponent is closed storefronts and the failure of the city to consistently enforce the vacancy tax rate.
  • My opponent is the 25% restaurant cap that has given us far too many nail salons but not one breakfast joint.
  • My opponent is anything that remotely resembles the 10 year delay that was the Giant fiasco.
  • My opponent is low density zoning along transit corridors that sit directly atop Metro stations.
  • My opponent is the building of exclusionary walls around Cleveland Park that make it harder to find a reasonably priced place to live and making Mount Pleasant pay for it.
  • My opponent is the commercial regulatory policies forged in the 1980’s before the Internet, iPhones, Amazon and Uber.

We are lucky to be living in a city that is experiencing a phenomenal renaissance.  Let’s be a part of it and start planning Cleveland Park’s future!



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