About Bob Ward

I am a candidate for the ANC Single Member District 3C09, representing the Southern portion of Cleveland Park from Connecticut Avenue to Wisconsin Avenue, for the November 8, 2016 election.

It has been 30 years since Cleveland Park became an historic district. I am running because our neighborhood needs proactive leadership to for what the next 30 years should look like. What’s worked? What hasn’t?  I am strong supporter of historic preservation but also for building a thriving in-city community. I want Cleveland Park to be a desirable destination for families of all ages, and for businesses looking to provide the best neighborhood serving retail. I’m running against shuttered store fronts and for an injection of vitality along our commercial corridors.

I moved to DC in 1986, and have lived on Macomb Street in Cleveland Park for 12 years. Jennifer and I chose Cleveland Park over the suburbs to raise our two young children for its walk-ability, its schools, its parks and its people.

I currently serve as the president of the Cleveland Park Club, which is now in its 94th year.  I spend a ridiculous amount of time following the Nationals.  I grow my own hops, brew pretty decent beer and make my own sausage. I need lower calorie hobbies.

Professionally, I own my own market research business, with offices in DC and Ft. Lauderdale.  I’m a data guy, and understand the impact good information has on decision making.  Policy making that caters to the squeaky wheel leads to conflict and frustration.  As a policy maker/influencer, I will seek out a broad cross-section on opinions to inform my actions and votes, and not just cater to the loudest voices among us.

I grew up in Montclair, New Jersey, a community much like Cleveland Park.  I am a graduate of American University’s School of Public Affairs.