My Priorities

See my answers to Greater Greater Washington’s ANC candidate questionnaire here

I want to provide a new voice that speaks as fervently for historic preservation as it does for renewed urban vitality. 

Revitalize our commercial areas

  • We need a neighborhood-wide effort to create a vision for Cleveland Park for the next 20 years.  As ANC commissioner, I want to get that process moving forward.
  • I want the community to get involved in the Comprehensive Plan review that the city is undertaking.
  • I want us to examine the pros and cons of our “low density commercial” future land use map in the Comprehensive Plan as well as reviewing our Neighborhood Mixed Use Zoning (formerly the ‘overlay’) and the restaurant cap for our commercial corridors.  Current zoning prohibits any upward expansion over our retail stores even 1 or 2 stories.  That’s wrong.  Adding more daytime foot traffic will help our local business thrive. Our low-density zoning comes with cost that rarely gets discussed. Let’s start the discussion and stop saying “NO” to everything.
  • I will work for better enforcement of the “vacancy tax rate” so landlords have incentives to lower rents to fill vacant storefronts.
  • I want to help make our commercial district more inviting and friendly to pedestrians.
  • We should support and fund market and economic research to inform policy choices related to our commercial corridors.
  • We should proactively shed the anti-business reputation Cleveland park has earned over the years. Cleveland Park is open for business.
  • I want to work collaboratively with our local businesses to transform the service lane into a shared street, used by cars and pedestrians.  Cady’s Ally and the new Wharf development are examples where car and foot traffic can share the road:

Historic Preservation

  • I will vigorously protect the contributing assets of the Cleveland Park Historic District.
  • I will let our historic preservation experts take the lead speaking for the community on architectural review matters.


  • Support efforts to introduce more affordable housing in Cleveland Park to increase our neighborhood’s economic diversity, whether through accessory dwelling units, modest increases in density.


  • Support the growth of ride-sharing, flex vehicles, and bike share to accommodate the growing number of residents who are doing away with their cars.
  • Support parking  innovations such as micro-zones with market RPP pricing and surge pricing along our commercial strips.
  • Look for opportunities to slow down the Connecticut Avenue rush hour freeway and end the commuter lane shift.


  • I strongly support the move to increase permeable pavement, bioswale, bioretention, green alleys, soil enhancement, and paving removal throughout the Klingle Valley Watershed.
  • ANC3C did a great disservice voting against did the right thing overturning their July vote that opposed permeable paving along parts of SMD 3C09 streets and DDOT’s forward looking plans to stem storm water runoff into the Rock Creek

Washington International School Expansion

  • While I support WIS’s desire to expand their science and technology offering, I also strongly feel WIS has done of poor job of communication, not just among its immediate neighbors, but with the Tregaron Conservancy which is co-steward of the land-marked estate.
  • As ANC commissioner, I would only support an expansion when I am satisfied WIS has met its previous obligations to the BZA and the Conservancy, and that new plan has the support of the Conservancy and the Cleveland Park Historical Society’s Architectural Review Committee.

Liquor Licenses

  • Liquor licenses should end when a business moves or closes.  They should not automatically convey to the next tenant.