The self-driving bus, Olli, gets coverage on CNN.  Cleveland Park is a great use case for intra-neighborhood transit, given its topography.  What if a simple app allowed you to hail Olli to pick you and your lamp or vacuum cleaner up and deliver you to the store?

Service Lane Make-Over

I strongly support the DDOT concept depicted in the above image.  The elimination of the sidewalk curb allows for expanded use pedestrian of the lane when not full of cars.  It also allows for staging events like a weekend farmers market. I also think the recommendation in the graphics below “Alternative 3” and “New Traffic … More Service Lane Make-Over

Wardman Park an example of Obama’s knock on zoning

This past Thursday, facing heated resistance from a group of locals who were backed by the local ANC3C, developer JBG walked away from an ambitious plan to transform Woodley Park from dense hotel-dominant neighborhood to one where dense residential housing would be built adjacent to the Metro.  Instead of facing the zoning headache, the developer is … More Wardman Park an example of Obama’s knock on zoning

Connecticut Ave Drainage & Streetscape

This past Thursday, September 15,  DDOT hosted a meeting at the Library about their plans to: Correct the poor drainage around the CP Metro entrance Reconfigure of the Quebec/Porter/Connecticut/Exxon intersection Reconfigure/simplify the Ordway/Connecticut/Service Lane intersection to make it more pedestrian friendly Provide permeable paving and storm water capture treatments along the streetscape Enhance the look … More Connecticut Ave Drainage & Streetscape

In 20 Years

The Greater Greater Washington blog sent all ANC candidates a questionnaire about local and city-wide issues.  The responses will be published by GGW in the coming weeks.  I’m sharing my response to one question which asked, “How would you like your neighborhood to look in 20 years? How will you help bring that about?”  Here … More In 20 Years

A Choice, Overdue

It has been 16 years since the voters in Cleveland Park’s 3C09 single member district have had a choice of candidates to represent their local interests.  Sixteen years is long time. So much has changed over that time – almost a generation.  How we shop, travel, communicate has all been turned on its head.  In … More A Choice, Overdue